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  Site Requirements  
Microsoft Windows Technologies Internet Explorer image Windows 95/98/2000/NT4
Internet Explorer 5.0 +
15" Monitor, 800 x 600 resolution(min)
  Macintosh PPC
Netscape 4.0 +
15" Monitor, 800 x 600 resolution(min)
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FLASH version 5.0 or newer from Macromedia
This site makes use of Macromedia® FlashTM software. To experience the site the way we intended, you need Macromedia Flash Player, a plug-in for your Web Browser that can play the content we've created.

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Adobe Acrobat

Having Adobe Acrobat will allow you to view complete documents located throughout the Learning Modules.

Configuring America Online 4.0

In order to access the course work you must have an Internet browser that fully supports both Java and JavaScript. The standard browser that comes with AOL does not fully support Java or JavaScript and is not compatible with our Online Courses. You should consult with AOL to learn about advanced browsers available through AOL.

Display Settings & Color Depth

Set monitor screen area to "800 x 600 pixels(min)":
1. Right-click on your desktop.
2. Click on Properties.
3. Click the Settings tab.
4. Click and drag the pointer in the box to the right to increase resolution or to the left to decrease resolution.
5. Set your resolution to 800 x 600.
6. Set Color depth to True Color 32 bit.
7. Click OK.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
• 150 MHz Pentium Processor or faster
• 32 MB RAM
• Hard Drive space
• SoundBlaster Compatible Multimedia System with external speakers
• SVGA Monitor
• 56.6 Modem & Software

Optional Browser Setting for Text Size - Set Browser text size to "Large"
1. In browser, click on View.
2. Click on Text Size.
3. Click on Larger.

How To Navigate:
The site is broken into four lesson tabs at the top of the page. Each lesson is organized by pages that include interactive exercises.

By clicking on the title of a lesson, you will be taken to the beginning of the lesson.

You may move between lessons at anytime by clicking on the title of the lesson you want to move to.

You may advance to the next page or return to a previous page within a lesson simply by clicking on either the NEXT or BACK button.

PAGE INDICATOR allows you to see where you are in a lesson, along with the total number of pages associated with the lesson you are studying.

Once you have reached the last page of a lesson you can click NEXT to proceed to the following lesson.